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Lauri Jo's: Relle Mama's Smokey Sweet Mopping Sauce

by Lauri Jo's

This Mopping Sauce (aka BBQ Sauce) is one of the most savory sauces I've ever tasted! It's a little sweet and a little Smokeyéhence the name! This recipe was concocted by Layne's mother when a BBQ smokehouse stopped making her favorite sauce. Lauri Jo's began co-packing the sauce for their family business' Christmas boxes. Now that Layne has come on board as a business partner, we have decided to market the deliciously popular sauce as Relle Mama's under the Lauri Jo's label! So good in meatballs with our Blueberry Pepper Jelly or by itself to dip potato chips! You and your family will find many ways to love our Mopping Sauce!

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