Oakridge BBQ: Competition Beef & Pork

by Oakridge BBQ

The rub that started it all for Oakridge BBQé The Original éCOMP rubé; Competition Beef & Pork. Bold and flavorful with a subtle but noticeable background heat are the trademarks of this All-Natural Gold Series rub. Big flavors that marry perfectly with big, bold cuts of meat like rib-eyes, porterhouses, strip loins, beef brisket, burgers, chops, duck,pulled pork and pork spareribs. Perfectly balanced sweet/heat/savory/salty flavor profile with thebold aromas of chilies,cumin and celeryin the front with the smoky sultry heat of chipotle peppers in the finish. This is a serious competition-grade rub folks!, but feel free to use it on just about anything you can think of!

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