The GrillTimer™ BBQ Wristwatch

by Little Griddle

GrillTimer™ by Little Griddle is the brand new wristwatch and recipe timer for people who love to cook outside, and it is the world's first wristwatch designed specifically to time outdoor cooking. It uses a version of the "elapsed time" concept that was popularly used to track below-surface time on the iconic diving watches made famous during the 1950s and 1960s. GrillTimer combines classic three-hand wristwatch styling with a unidirectional rotating "Grill Bezel" to time popular outdoor recipes.

Here's how it works: GrillTimer's patent-pending Grill Bezel times recipes by rotating left to align the start of a recipe (the small silver dot before the recipe title) with the GrillTimer's minute hand. As the minute hand moves across the face of the watch, the recipe is timed and the bezel indicates when the food should be flipped and when it should be removed from the grill. The bezel contains a ratcheting mechanism that only allows it to rotate to the left, ensuring that the Grill Bezel never indicates more time remaining to the recipe than there really is. This "fail-safe" feature helps to reduce the chance of over-cooking food on the grill.

The recipe timing on the GrillTimer Grill Bezel features a silver-to-red gradient that indicates degree-of-doneness, and while grills and foods vary in respective heat outputs and thicknesses, GrillTimer provides a very good indication of when a specific piece of food has been cooked to completion.

Stainless Steel Case
2-Year Warranty
Seiko Movement
40mm Diameter
Custom Textile Sport Strap
Patent-Pending Rotating Bezel
"Sauce Resistant" to 3 TB

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