Game Day Steak Nachos (Gozney Recipe)

Game Day Steak Nachos (Gozney Recipe)

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1/2-Inch-thick ribeye steak 

Smoked flaky salt  


18 Oz / 510g Beef tallow 


Smoked Gouda round 

Small flour tortillas 


1 Bushel Cilantro 

1 Bushel Parsley 

2 tbsp red chili flakes  

1 tbsp Mexican oregano 

5 Oz / 41g Red-wine vinegar 

4/ 113g Olive oil  


Salt [to taste] 


Step 1:

Bind and salt steak heavily. For best results salt steak the night prior, letting it rest uncovered on a cooling rack in the fridge.  

Step 2:

Allow steak to temper, oil the cast iron pan and place the steak in. Set the pan to the opposite side of Gozney Dome.

Step 3:

After 2 minutes, flip the steak. Cook steak to preferred doneness. 

Step 4:

To make the chimichurri, finely mince cilantro and parsley, and place into a food-safe bowl. Add red chili flakes and Mexican oregano. Pour in red wine vinegar, lime juice, and olive oil. Whisk thoroughly and salt to taste. 

Step 5:

To make the tortilla chips, cut the tortillas into quarters. 

Step 6:

In a cast iron skillet pour in beef tallow, allow it to render, and come to a steady simmer. Carefully place tortillas into skillet and flip once they start to puff. Remove from tallow, place on a cooling rack, and add salt to taste. 

Step 7:

Heat a small cast iron pan, place the smoked Gouda inside and allow it to fully melt.  

Step 8:

Lay a bed of tallow-fried tortilla chips down, then pour over the melted cheese. Slice your steak at an angle against the grain thinly and place it on top of cheese-covered tortillas. Then cover with a generous amount of fresh chimichurri. Serve and enjoy!