Yoder Smokers - 24x48" Flat Top Charcoal Grill

by Yoder Smokers

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The popularity of cooking over charcoal has steadily increased over the past 10 years, and to meet that demand, Yoder Smokers has introduced large format charcoal grills that cater to the folks cooking for a crowd as well as those in the backyard. This 24×48″ grill boasts 1,152 square inches of cooking surface and heavy-duty American made construction. Key features cooks will immediately appreciate include the variable height charcoal basket, ability to cook indirectly, and the custom stainless steel front shelf. And mounted on casters with 8″ pneumatic tires, this grill makes short work out of positioning on the patio or venue.

  • American Made in Kansas, USA
  • Grill body constructed from 10-gauge, lid from 12-gauge, and charcoal basket constructed from 7-gauge steel
  • Charcoal Basket Has 5 Height Adjustments for Precise Heat Control
  • Full Length Ash & Grease Tray Slides Out for Easy Cleaning
  • Effortless Set Up for Indirect Grilling
  • Two Adjustable Combustion Air Vents Deliver Even Burn
  • Custom Stainless Steel Front Shelf
  • Heavy-duty Casters with 8″ Pneumatic Tires
  • Integrated Probe Port


Cooking Surface
  • 1,152 Sq. Inches
  • Two 22.6″x23.8″ Cooking Grates
Cooking Chamber Thickness
  • 1/8 inch Steel
Overall Length
  • 65″
Overall Height
  • 49.1″
Overall Depth
  • 37.7″ (Including Front Shelf)
  • 378 lbs

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