Mojobricks Bar-B-Qubes Hickory (medium size)

by Mojobricks

The Cleanest wood for smoke flavor bar none! Mojobricks burn real slow and make cooking with wood simple and fun. 

Mojobricks®  Bar-B-Qubes are the medium size of the three sizes.  One Bar-B-Qube adds the maximum amount of smoke flavor without over smoking.   Burn times vary but typically you will have no reason to refresh the wood for 2 or more hours.

Bar-B-Qubes will allow you to cook low and slow in any grill (charcoal, gas or electric, pellet grills).  Its created to produce clean consistent smoke flavor with a smooth delivery of this flavor without worry of adding creosote to your meat! Great for any grill or smoker and is the #1 size chosen by pellet grill users.


REAL SLOW SMOKE – Mojobricks are unique – add one and your done!

Burn clean and eat better tasting bbq!

bar-b-qubes per pack

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