Mojobricks Minis MAPLE (8 use pack)

by Mojobricks

The Cleanest wood for smoke flavor bar none! Mojobricks burn real slow and make cooking with wood simple and fun. 

Mojobricks®   MINIs are the smallest of the three sizes.  One mini adds just the right amount of smoke flavor!   Burn times vary but you won’t need to refresh the wood for up to 45 minutes.

Mojobricks®  8 individual Mini’s per pack. Never mess with the mess of soaking wood chips again! Start Mojobricks dry and they will provide a clean tasty smoke flavor every time.

100% Maple!  Smoke that Lake Trout, Salmon or next catch with a  MAPLE MINI


MAPLE MINIS are especially good for mouth watering smoke flavor on Fish and Poultry!


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