Outset Canvas Apron

by Fox Run Brands

Keep the grill master clean and safe with this durable canvas grill apron. This grilling staple features thick canvas material, cotton straps and antique brass hardware, carefully crafted to protect clothes from splatters and hot grease. Its one size fits all design, suitable for both men and women, includes dual shoulder straps. The apron ties around the waist and is equipped with a tong strap and two deep front pockets... ready to store all the tools, condiments and accessories needed. To the grill!

  1. A GRILL MASTER'S DREAM with multiple pockets for thermometers, towels, and more. Also includes a tong strap to hang BBQ tongs.
  1. CANVAS MATERIAL with cotton straps protects against splattering grease and oil
  1. ANTIQUE BRASS rings complements canvas material

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