Steven Raichlen Smoking Grate / Plancha

by Steven Raichlen Best of Barbeque™
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This unique grilling tool gives you several different cooking experiences in one, all with the power and flavor of cast iron. The solid cast iron base can be used alone as a plancha to sear meats, or as one part of a grilling and smoking platform. To use as a smoker, add wood chips to the base and place the grate on top so that your food cooks directly over the chips, taking on a delicious smoky flavor. This set also includes a stainless steel humidifier, so you can keep your meats moist with steam from your choice of water, marinade, beer, or wine. The strong, pre-seasoned cast iron of the plancha base and grate retain high heat so your food is cooked perfectly, whether seared, grilled, or smoked!

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