Shipping Updates

This page is updated daily or as new info is provided via manufacturers.


Accessories, Rubs, Sauces

 No delays, orders shipping withing 24 hours

Kamado Joe

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the warehouse and delivery services have been reduced to 25%. Everyone is working extremely hard to speed up the process. But due to high demand on grilling products, the standard timing has been altered. Thank you for your patience and for grilling with us.

 Slight Delays 
ALL KJ Grill Orders on May 12 or before, expected to receive their orders by May 31.

 Moderate Delays 
ALL KJ Grill Orders on May 13 or afters, please expect a 3-4 week delay.



 Slight Delays 
Masterbuilt 1050 Orders expected to receive their orders by May 31.