Charcoal Companion Kamado Half-Circle Griddle 17.72"

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17.72" Long

This steel baking plate is a great complement to your grill. Steels are great for pizza, bread, pastries or any other baked goods as well as for grilling and searing. They eliminate hot spots while cooking, and produce uniformly browned crust.

A steel griddle is optimal because it conducts and stores heat better than ceramic to sear and cook at high temperatures.

In a 500°F grill, a steel griddle will stabilize at around 450°F due to the steel’s radiative properties. It gives constant heat even as it absorbs it, causing it to stabilize at a temperature that’s slightly cooler than the air around it. Even though the steel is cooler than a stone, it is far superior at transferring energy to whatever is placed on top of it.