Mojobricks Red (Cherry) Minis (8 use pack)

by Mojobricks

Mojobricks Red Cherry Minis

Mojobricks® are the best wood for smoke flavor! Eat the Best BBQ you have ever smoked! You pay less for more and get a higher quality product!  It is the easiest method for cooking with wood! This is the smallest of the Mojobricks product line when added to charcoal this size produces the most smoke for the pit master who wants the most smoke flavor per one use.  Try it is a smoke box with an electric or propane smoker or in a grill when cooking with high heat.

Mojobricks MINIS! You Only Need One per Cook! No Soaking! Drop one or two in charcoal for any cooks that will be finished in less than 2 hours.  “Smokin’ Fast Smoke Flavor” Never over smoke with Mojobricks Minis.   This little sized cube ( about the size of an ice cube) is easy to use in any grill for smoke flavor. You do not soak this product and it lasts longer, burns cleaner then a wood chunk of a similar size and or weight. Burn Clean go Green!

Cherry Wood typically turns meat black – not Mojobricks cherry! Watch your meat take on a beautiful mahogany color.  Try one today!

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