Detroit Style Margherita Pizza (Gozney)

Detroit Style Margherita Pizza (Gozney)


For the red sauce 

Makes enough for 50 pizzas, any extra can be frozen 

- 2.5kg / 88oz whole peeled San Marzano Bianco Dinapoli tinned tomatoes

- 3 pinches kosher salt, or to taste

- 1tbsp dried oregan


For the pizza 

- 1 Detroit style part baked pizza dough

- 2 large spoons of red sauce 

- 100g / 1 ¼ cups cheddar cheese, grated 

- 250g / 1 cup mozzarella cheese, broken into small pieces  

- 50g / ½ cup Grana Padano cheese 

- A generous bunch of fresh basil 

- A drizzle of extra virgin olive oil 


Step 1:

For the red sauce, add the salt and dried oregano to the tomatoes and blend - you can use your stick blender or yours hands, just make sure you go through each tomato one at a time as you want the mix to stay ‘pulpy’ and not to be watery.. 

Step 2:

Place a part baked pizza dough into a Detroit style pizza pan, spread over the red sauce, leaving enough room at the edges for the ‘cheese wall’. 

Step 3:

Add the cheddar cheese around the edge to create a wall, this will be your cheese crust.  

Step 4:

Sprinkle the mozzarella cheese on top of the cheddar cheese and over some of the red sauce. 

Step 5:

Heat the Gozney Dome to 215 ° C / 420 ° F, low flame. Place the pan into the oven for 4-5 minutes, turning occasionally until evenly browned.

Step 6:

Increase the heat slightly and using a paddle lift the tin up to the top of the oven to get a nice crispy top. 

Step 7:

Allow to cool slightly then remove the pizza from the pan and place onto a serving board. Grate the Grana Padano cheese over the pizza. 

Step 8:

Using scissors slice over the fresh basil leaves and drizzle over the extra virgin olive oil.

Step 9:

Use the Gozney Rocker to slice the pizza into 6 and serve.