Double Smoked Ham Recipe

Double Smoked Ham Recipe

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For the ham:

1 ham smoked spiral sliced ham

Lane's BBQ Sweet Heat Rub 

1 cup Apple Juice or water

1 foil pan

5 apple wood chunks


For the glaze:

1/2 stick unsalted, sweet cream butter

1/2 cup light brown sugar

8 ounces Unicoi Preserves Salted Caramel Peach Spread

1 pinch Kosher Salt



    Remove ham from its package and set on its side.  Liberally season with Lane's BBQ Sweet Heat rub. Next, place the ham face down on the wire rack then into the pan.  Pour 1 cup of apple juice (or water) in the pan.  Let the ham sit at room temp for 1 hour.  

    Setup Kamado Joe for indirect cooking at 300 degrees (going to cook at 250 so you always want to start it higher). Once smoker reaches 300, place wood chips/chunk on top of charcoal and mix around with your ash tool.  Place the plate setter then grilling grate on top and you are ready to go.  

    Set ham on smoker.  Essentially, you are only reheating the ham so it’s ready to roll when it reaches around 140 degrees.  A 10-12 lb ham will take around 4 hours.  Once the ham reaches an internal temp of 120 degrees I pour the glaze over the top then continue smoking until it reaches 140 degrees.

    Remove from smoker, cover loosely with foil and let rest for about 30 minutes. Slice & Enjoy!