Steak and Lobster Panuozzo (Gozney Recipe)

Steak and Lobster Panuozzo (Gozney Recipe)

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Equipment Used

  • Gozney Dome
  • Turning Peel
  • Infrared Thermometer


  • pizza dough recipe

  • 3.5 Oz beef fat (for flambedou) 

  • Well-aged, thick ribeye steak 

  • 1 Lobster – halved.   

  • 1.8 Oz Unsalted softened butter (combined with laverbread to create laverbread butter)  

  • Crispy onions  

  • Fresh chives 

  • 2.4 Tbsp Mayonnaise 

  • 1.2 Tsp Cayenne pepper 

  • Sea salt  

  • 1 Unwaxed lemon  

  • Handful crispy seaweed  

  • 1 Jar Anchovies 

  • Olive oil 


Step 1:

Preheat your Gozney outdoor oven to around 750°F.  

Step 2:

Season the steak with salt and oil. Oil a cast iron pan, and place in your Gozney Oven, allowing it to heat up. Remove and add in steak, return to your Dome or Roccbox.

Step 3:

Add the seaweed butter (create this by mixing the butter and dried seaweed together) and baste. Cook to your desired level. Remove and allow to rest.

Step 4:

Half a lobster, and place on a tray. Season with oil, salt and seaweed butter and place in oven until cooked through. Remove and allow to rest.

Step 5:

Open out a dough ball and cook in your Gozney Outdoor Oven

Step 6:

Take your flambedou, add the beef fat, light in Dome and pour over cooked flatbread.

Step 7:

Peel the lobster. Mix the with mayonnaise and lemon and cayenne pepper.

Step 8:

Slice the steak and add to the dough ball along with the lobster mix. Sprinkle with seaweed.

Step 9:

Slice and serve.


Time to fire up your Gozney Outdoor Pizza Oven and give this one a try!