Classic City Bee: Classic City Select Honey

by Classic City Bee

This small batch, ultra-local honey is gathered from spring wildflowers scattered across Athens, Georgia. It's light color and complex flavor makes it a true delight and a sought after local favorite.Classic City Select Honey is as unique as the city it calls home. You can almost taste the crisp, fall air of football season or hear live music drifting out of the bars downtown as you spread this across a hot southern biscuit or mix it in your morning tea. One spoonful might take you on a walk down Milledge Avenue, while the next might carry you to Normaltown. Depending on numerous factors including weather, flowers in bloom, and the bees themselves, the composition of this honey changes from season to season creating a unique experience each year. Its taste, color, and texture will change with the season, but much like Athens itself, something about it always stays the same.

ORIGIN: Athens, Georgia

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