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Mojobricks® Minis Competition Blend™ (8 use pack)

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The Cleanest wood for smoke flavor bar none! Mojobricks burn real slow and make cooking with wood simple and fun.

Mojobricks® MINIs are the smallest of the three sizes. One mini adds just the right amount of smoke flavor! Burn times vary but typically you have No need to refresh the wood for 45 minutes or more!
Competition Blend is a red and white oak blend that set the world on fire when competitive teams remarked “it smells like pecan.” An Oak that smells like pecan wood? It has gone on to be used to win big prestigious events like the Jack Daniels BBQ Invitational and the World Food Championships among many other competitive Barbecue events.
Now you can impress the most important judges – friends and family when you cook them a steak with just one Competition Blend Mini!
Also great on the grate for Chops, burgers, wings, breasts, loins and other wild meats of many kinds!