Neomega Basil Infused Avocado Oil 8 oz (250 ML)

by Neomega
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We sealed the taste of summer into this bottle of Basil Infused Avocado oil. We press the basil into the oil, hence the emerald green color.
We add lots and lots of organic basil to 100% pure avocado oil to create the most flavorful culinary oil your tomatoes ever landed in. We love love the taste of fresh basil in the summer and now you can get the same fresh basil aroma year round in this basil infused avocado oil. It tastes just like pesto without the pesto!

Use it on caprese salad, fresh summer tomatoes or veggies, any salad dressing, past or for sauteing your favorite vegetables.
The possibilities are endless!



  • Paleo - Keto - Vegan - NON GMO - Gluten Free
  • Healthy fat for energy and improved metabolism
  • Shown to maintain heart health

    How to Use

    • Use in place of conventional or flavored oils
    • Use as finishing oils for cold soups or gourmet dishes
    • Roasting, Stir-Fry-Grilling
    • Salad dressing
    • Baking
    • Marinading


      • 100% cold pressed avocado oil and organic herbs



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