Pizza Oven Wood Pellet Smoker and Shovel

by Pizzacraft
Sold out

If you want to add rich wood smoke flavor to pizzas cooked on your portable pizza oven, this smoker box and pellet shovel set will let you do so with ease! Install and fill your smoker box in moments, then cook your pizzas in a smoky, flavorful environment!

The curved shape of the box fits perfectly alongside the pizza stones. The included pellet shovel reaches back into the oven so you can refill your smoker without removing the oven hood, and collapses for easy storage. The set smokes 1-2 pizzas on a single round of pellets.

Wood pellets are sold separately and are available in Hickory, Maple, Oak and Cherry

NOTE: Be sure to cool oven completely before installing smoker box. Always use heat protective gloves when handling hot items. We do not recommend using the Pizza Oven Backstop and Pizza Oven Smoker at the same time.

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