Kai Pro 6" Flexible Fillet Knife

by Kai Housewares
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A little bit of flex in your blade steel makes filleting fish easier. The Kai PRO 6-inch Flexible Fillet offers just the right amount thanks to our precision heat treatment process. That little bit of flex lets the knife conform to the ribs of the fish, removing meat from bones quickly and easily. It works equally well removing skin, boning, and trimming out meats and poultry. In any case, Kai PRO makes the job easier.

  • Slim, flexible blade makes filleting easy
  • Imported Japanese AUS6M stainless steel blade provides corrosion and wear resistance, holds a good edge; resharpens easily
  • Hand-sharpened 16° double-bevel blade (32° comprehensive) for razor-sharp performance
  • Comfortable, riveted POM handle; full-tang construction for strength and balance
  • NSF Certified for use in commercial kitchens

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